This is my first poem on this blog.I wrote this poem for an on the spot poetry competition.The topic was I think chosen from Maya Angelou’s writing.

Still I Rise

Beneath the shine of the twinkling starts,
In a city scarred by a thousand wars,
The wailing baby opened its eyes,
And was welcomed into a world full of cries.

The apple of their eyes,she became
As time flew,she dreamt of fame
Little did she know she found what she’ll love,
When her brother gifted her a pair of boxing glove.

Swearing a silent vow, she rose
To continue her passion she chose.
Against society’s wish,she joined the mix,
And was born as the radiant phoenix.

Never did she give up her sport,
Though many a times she kissed the muddy court.
With the words, ‘Still I Rise’ etched in her heart
She would do everything from the start.

As the clock ticked ,a new champion was born,
All her foes were beaten and torn.
Her name became the reason for their smile
They knew she would reach the millionth mile.

The inspiration, she became ,
For yet another who worshipped the game.
‘Still I Rise’ the motto again,
The words of the wise continued the chain.

Many who read this ,found this poem based on Mary Kom or the Phogat sisters from India who have bought pride through boxing and wrestling respectively.

Hope you enjoyed that,