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Michael Phelps & Usain Bolt are probably the greatest Olympians of all time.Who wouldn’t love to be the fastest man on the earth or have 23 gold medals around their neck?Being in the limelight of the whole world is, for most people a far-fetched dream.What makes them so special?What is it we lack that they possess?Such questions would have surfaced at least once in your minds.

I eagerly watched the Rio Olympics searching for videos of even the heats and qualifiers just to see these two great athletes.They always manage to capture the audience attention no matter how small the race.I am completely inspired by these two incredible sportsmen.I watched previous Olympics and wasn’t surprised to find that these two had excelled almost in every race they took part in.

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Michael Phelps needs no introduction as he is the epitome of perfection.With every stroke, he draws the grasps of the spectators.He has proved that every record can be broken if only you have the determination to do so.Even his rivals in the pool end up appreciating his style.It is a common fact that he hates losing and this powers him to do better and better.One incident which increased my awe towards him was in 2008 Beijing Olympics.Phelps had an important 200m butterfly finals event where he had to win gold in order to break Mark Spitz’s record of winning 8 gold medals.It seemed to everyone that Phelps was the clear winner even before entering the pool but fate had other plans.During his first 50m split, water started entering his goggles.In a situation where many would have panicked, he calmly swam the race.He even went on to break the world record along with winning the gold medal despite not being able to see.When asked later how he managed to do this, he replied that his coach Bob Bowman had made him swim in the nights so as to help him get adjusted to swimming without seeing.Phelps knew the exact number of strokes to get to the wall.This serves as an example practice makes man perfect!

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Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth is one of the most famous athletes.If you see his everyday practice sessions you would be left wondering how in the heavens does he manage that.He makes sprinting look like a piece of cake and his opponents seem to be half-baked schoolboys compared to his talents.His fun-loving attitude and the aftermath of winning a race are like an icing on a cake.His ‘never say die’ attitude makes him a bundle of inspiration.Spellbound I am, whenever I watch his races.In 2008 Beijing Olympics, he broke the world record with his shoe laces unlaced.He actually paused for a few seconds to look at the time else many predicted that he would have had a timing of 9.60.Such is the greatness of Usain Bolt!Having won double triple i.e gold medals in both 100m and 200m at three consecutive Olympics there is no doubt that Bolt has entered the history books while also managing to break several records.His hard work and determination make him unique among the greatest athletes!

As a keen sports enthusiast, an eager Olympics follower I can say that these two legends have indeed made a remarkable mark in the field of sports!It will be a tough challenge to break their records.Hall of fame is indeed privileged to have such good athletes!

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