Hello, everyone! This is my first book review.I am an avid reader and find it very hard to put down a good book once I start reading it.If you like fiction, political thrillers and family dramas you have picked the right series.

This series consists of 7 books, each with equally intriguing titles.What drew my attention to this series was the bold covers and the interesting synopsis of the book.The seven books are:

1.Only Time Will Tell

2.The Sins Of The Father

3.Best Kept Secret

4.Be Careful What You Wish For

5.Mightier Than The Sword

6.Cometh The Hour

7.This Was A Man

This series captured my attention as I spent the whole night reading the first book.I waited eagerly for the second and third book which was already released when I started this series.It has managed to collect audience’s attention.Join Harry Clifton on an exciting ride from a half-baked schoolboy to a well renowned best-selling author.With him is his best friend Giles Barrington, transforms from big hitting cricketer to a world class politician.Can Harry and his friend uncover a dark secret which might just upset their whole world?The Second World War seems to have a few surprises in store for Harry.Can he overcome the odds to marry Emma Barrington?The story goes on to spill open the careers of Giles and his sisters Emma and Grace.The journey continues as their family relishes success but in the process faces a lot of enemies.It goes on to portray the marriage of Giles with the wily Lady Virginia Fenwick and faces the likes of Major Fischer, who seems like a load of trouble.It speaks about the achievements of Harry and Emma, who are followed by Sebastian and Jessica, their children.Their family is supported by powerful men and encounters even more powerful, cunning foes.It speaks about politics, banking, art and much more.I would personally suggest reading the books in order to get the continuity of this spell binding story.I was enthralled by the magnanimity of the series.It comes very close to reality highlighting the rich talent of Jeffrey Archer.It is a must read for all Jeffrey Archer fans.

For bibliophiles who are eagerly waiting for a good series, this might just be the one.I have learnt a thing or two from this story.People who are trying this genre book, this will be an absolute favourite.

Critic’s Rating-9/10

Pick out a copy soon from your nearby library or find it in a bookstore soon!