Hi,I was just scrolling through Pinterest a few days ago and came across this quote “A reader lives thousand lives before he dies but the man who never reads lives only one.”I could totally relate to this quote as every new book allows me to escape reality and enter a different world.I always love the feeling of holding the  books and am saddened by many people using Kindle, though I know it is very useful.This is a poem for all the bibliophiles and for those who miss the touch of books when reading on Kindle or any other apps.

Thousand Different Lives

Under blanket of dark clouds
Deep slumber, the serene moon began
No whispers nor gathering crowds
Time stopped but my mind ran

A single light flickered restlessly
Eagerly I turned the crisp pages
The best treasure,I held unknowingly
Unlocking my creativities’ cages

Exploring the mystical places,
Passion for books I discovered
New hobbies, unknown faces
Thousand different lives I uncovered

The library, now my dream home
Millions of leather bounds painted its walls.
In enchanting narratives,I would roam
No Kindle could replace the old book stalls.

As I journeyed the world of epics
Other curious travellers I met.
Our passions shone like ancient relics
Creating friendships that I can’t forget.

Hope you enjoyed reading that.Please leave your thoughts on the poem in the comments.