Hey everyone, so I was listening to one of my friends sing last month and was inspired to write a poem because of her melodious voice.Music brings peace to me.I enjoy listening to English songs and also instrumental music.As a dancer I comprehend the importance of tunes.Also I know when you have a concert or a presentation,how nervous the artists get.This poem highlights the joy that music brings to the life of a brother and his sister.

A Musical Journey

Heedless to the loud cheering crowd,
He stepped on the gigantic stage.
A single prayer escaped his lips-
Thanking his stars for this golden age.
She smiled gracefully, he wore a stern face.
Unbelievable that they blossomed in an orphanage.

His hand glittered with a radiant rakhi
As he gently picked up the violin’s bow.
Her prized possession a flute, his sweet gift
Passionately the melodious notes rose in crescendo.
The mellifluous music,the euphonious beats;
Left the spellbound audience praising the siblings’ show

He couldn’t hear but, music had heard him
It had filled them full of joy and zeal,
With music, their names became synonym.
From amateurs to masters they transformed-
Establishing a school, was no longer only a fancy whim,
Like peacocks they spread their wings of teaching.

With every sweet sound, a new idea was born
Their names remains forever etched on the halls of fame.
Medals, laurels and trophies still adorn,
The orphanage which gave them love and warmth.
Their dedication, as unique as an unicorn
Sowed seeds for a peaceful world.

Have you ever felt like this before a performance? Comment below on your views about music.