Hello everyone!!I visited Uttarakhand in May 2016.Our family trips are greatly treasured by me because they are a very rare event.It is a superman’s task to get holidays together and plan a vacation.It had been ages since we took a long trip.I was probably the most excited and enthusiastic.We had planned to visit Mussoorie, Nainital, Dehradun, Corbett, Rishikesh and Haridwar.We put down our own itinerary even though we went through MakeMyTrip agency.

A map to Robber’s cave!

After our stay at Mussoorie, let down which was considered the crown among all the places we were travelling to, I expected the other places letdown.It seemed like nature heard my thoughts and thus we stumbled on this place,’The Robber’s Cave’.Our tour guide was unaware that such a place.With the help of Google maps and the locals, we were able to locate the place finally.My family and I had researched a lot of all the places we were visiting so we hoped for something worthwhile to see.

The entrance of the cave

In the entrance, we had to remove our shoes and exchange it for slippers.The walk to the actual entrance of the cave lowered my expectations because it was very shabby and completely commercialised.When I approached the cave I was left gaping as I saw clean water flowing out from the cave.We had to wade our way through the water to enter.The cool, pure water brushed against my legs.As we moved in we saw nature’s play.Such beauty left us awestruck.

The curvy bends with smooth pebbles on the path

The water came up to knee-length as we proceeded through the gentle curves of the cave.We adventurously climbed up the rocky ledge on the side to discover a plethora of green plants.The journey came to a halt after half an hour trek as we reached the dead-end of the cave.There we exclaimed on seeing a glistening waterfall.On our way back we spotted an eagle among the branches above.It was truly a memorable experience!

The green shade keeping the cave really cool

Whether there was a robber or not, this surely makes a good hiding place for unknown treasures!You can observe the nature having fun with all the curves, green and the mysterious waterfall.It is a must visit for all tourists who travel to Dehradun.

Pros-A place of adventure, peaceful, good spot for nature lovers and bird watchers

Cons-The entrance is too commercialised and not maintained properly, use of plastic inside should be prohibited, strict rules to be made.

Hope you get a chance to visit this place soon!