Hi, everyone!A few days back the final episode of the fourth season of Sherlock was released leaving me completely shocked.It’s quite clear that I am a huge Sherlock Holmes’ fan.Although I particularly did not enjoy reading the books written by Arthur Conan Doyle, the modern Sherlock Holmes series managed to spur my interests.

Seasons-4(Hoping for more!!)

No of episodes-12(2 specials excluded)

Duration of each episode-90 minutes

Genre- Thriller, Mystery, Crime Fiction

The series began in 2010 with the first episode ‘A Study in Pink’, where Sherlock and Dr.Watson meet.They start living together at 221 B Baker Street in London.From there on the journey of solving murders and catching psychopaths begins.Inspector Lestrade, Mrs.Hudson, Molly Hooper, Anderson are a few characters which add much colour to the thrilling series.We come by Mycroft Holmes, the elder brother of Sherlock, who is equally witty and crazy as Sherlock.We also find the introduction to Sherlock’s amazing Mind Palace which can be compared to a computer storing all his deduction skills.


The series has a number of humorous statements, which makes its audience chuckle.The second episode ‘The Blind Banker’ continues the good run of the first episode bringing the Sherlock team closer to Moriarty, the psychopath who is the main villain behind all the crimes.The season ends on a high note ‘The Great Game’ where Moriarty and Sherlock face each other.

The second season returned with a new twist bringing out Irene Adler, the wily dominatrix.The season shows the struggling sociopath Sherlock trying to handle his emotions.’The Hounds of Baskerville’ is yet another fascinating episode where John and Sherlock come across mind-altering,fear-inducing drug.The end of the second season ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ brings Moriarty and Sherlock to the crossroads.Sherlock must die to save his friends.The great detective saves himself by creating an illusion of his death.We see John wistfully wishing for Sherlock’s return.There is a Christmas mini-episode which tries to bridge the long gap between seasons!


The third season highlights on Sherlock’s return and John’s girlfriend, Mary.’The Empty Hearse’ shows vivid character changes.With the marriage of John and Mary, Sherlock, the best man at the wedding, is busy cracking yet another murder.’The Sign of Three’ describes the arrival of John and Mary’s child.In the final episode of the season, Mary’s past comes back to haunt her as Magnussen, the blackmailer starts to trouble her.’His Last Vow’ showcases Sherlock shooting Magnussen in front of the police.After a trial, Sherlock is sentenced to an exile from which he is immediately recalled as a new video of  Jim Moriarty pops up.There is a special episode which explores into Sherlock’s mind palace.


In the fourth season, Sherlock’s childhood comes to haunt him while Moriarty’s posthumous plan to make Sherlock’s life miserable comes to the surface in the form of a mysterious girl Eurus.I won’t spoil the fourth season for all of you.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and the team have really brought Sherlock to life and marks perfection in each episode.Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat with retellings have created a fascinating series.Thrilling cases keeps you on the edge of your seat.The nail biting series is one of the most awaited series and has a large fandom, including me!Stay tuned to catch this incredible series!.A must watch for all mystery lovers!

Critic’s Rating-9.3/10

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