Hello!! Recently the famous Lalbagh garden show was held in Bangalore.I was reminiscing the memories from the my visit to the wonderful showcase of flowers the previous year.My mom is a huge garden lover and so is my grandmother.

A Divine Paradise

The blanket of clouds hid the sparkling stars,
But joyfully her green friends swayed and danced;
For the long awaited raindrops were here at last.
Staring at the wet window sill, she happily pranced.

With the red sun, rose the red rose,
With the blue skies, fluttered the blue orchids,
With the white clouds, blossomed the white jasmines,
With the blooming pink lotus,her pink lips smiled in surprise.

Enchanting the hard working bumbling bees,
Stood at the centre the bright mango tree.
A divine castle for the chirping sparrows twas;
From its magical charm, she could never break free.

Amidst the soothing yellow tulips, wavered the pretty hibiscus.
The grape entwined around the balcony grill,
Along with the creeping humongous pumpkins.
Watching their musical rhythms,always was a thrill.

Many, who enjoyed the garden’s grace,
Saw it only as a place of beautiful colours.
But her,a heavenly paradise on earth twas
For only she discovered the wonders of a peaceful life.

With the waver of every flower, she danced merrily,
With the growing huge tree, she gained wisdom;
With the humming of the bee, she sang melodiously,
For, she was a proud queen and this was her rich kingdom.

For all the green fingers out there!