Hello!Since Valentine’s day is coming around I thought of posting something related to love.

Destiny Intertwined

The streetlights flickered feebly;
Countless souls glided past him,
Pretending to be deaf-
To his soothing musical notes.

His mesmerising pleasant voice,
Drowned the harsh screams.
And his peaceful melodies;
Washed away the sorrows of violence

In the far corner of the town,
Her anklets jingled full of joy.
Blissfully ignorant about their fates,
Her feet tapped to the rhythmic beats

As she walked down the empty lane,
His unnervingly calm face she saw,
His eyes met her sparkling eyes;
Thus began their journey of love.

He,with euphonious tunes,
She, with graceful spins,
Their passions rose in unison;
Engulfing the spellbound audience

Her lips, held his name,
Her fingers, his sparkling ring
On that perfect wedding day
To eternally love her,he chose

As time ticked their love unwithered
Even death couldn’t split them apart.
Though stone sculptures they became,
Their legendary legacy remains

Hope you enjoyed the poem!