Hello, everyone!For any English series follower, Friends is one of the favourite shows.It has had an amazing run and is still popular even after so many years.Is it Joey’s pickup lines or Chandler’s sarcastic comments making a mark on the audience?Or is it Rachel’s cute dresses or Monica’s yummy cooking which captures our attention?Or is it Ross’s annoying dinosaur facts or Phoebe’s quizzing weirdness?I just feel there are too many things which just makes you fall in love with the characters.

Here are the top 5 things Friends taught us:

1.Life is not always perfect


As Phoebe here states not every day will be your day.You may plan and plan but it might not turn out as you expect.It makes a remarkable point that you can’t give up and that you must continue whatever maybe the difficulty or the embarrassment.It shows the funny annoying things that you come across in daily life.I love the way the series portray the quirky struggles of living on your own.

2.Be original no matter what people think of you.


Sometimes being ourselves can be challenging.Friends bring out character’s true self despite them being uncomfortable about it.Everyone surely enjoyed Phoebe’s weirdness, Chandler’s sarcasm, Ross’s fun little facts, Joey’s acting skill and even Monica’s  OCD about organising stuff!

3.Love your job!


Be passionate about what you do.Sure sometimes you have to do some things to earn money but let that not become your job.Pursue your dreams.

4.Good friends are hard to find but impossible to forget


You make friends throughout your life but not all of them stay your friends until the very end.True friends are hard to come by.In FRIENDS, Monica helps Rachel start a new life, Chandler always helps Joey with his acting career and they all are very supportive of each other.Even after a huge fight, Ross and Rachel remain friends.This portrays the true spirit of friendship.

5.Savour every moment of your life!


I literally mean savour like Joey(his love for food!!).Through many ups and downs, all of the characters manage to be successful and happy.The one where they have lottery tickets or the one with Phoebe’s outdoor wedding truly brings out the vivid colours of the show.They manage to highlight the importance of enjoying your life.

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