Exams are coming up and many of the students fear one subject, maths.I have always loved math as it is fun for me to do.Math can be a fun subject if you get its tricks.

A Mathematical Story

Clutching the tiny plastic pieces,
The toddler napped in a pleasing crib.
With everlasting curiosity, she fell-
In love with numbers, before even holding the nib.

Her great possessions, they became
Jewel of all her toys engraved a numerical path.
The small playthings now transformed as thick books
She was enchanted by this world of math.

As she blossomed, it taught her to multiply small joys,
And she learnt to add all the positives.
Dividing her time between all her passions,
She managed to subtract all the negatives.

For the new generation, she engraved this magical journey;
As she shared her knowledge, the more she explored;
Maths her haven remained a place of solace
Her name, in those thick books forever etched.