What is it to be a 1.45m tall gymnast or to be renowned as the greatest gymnast? You should seek the answer to this from Simone Biles, the USA champion.Her’s is a story that interests everyone.She is 19 years of age, yet has managed to gain the world’s attention.Gymnastics is a sport where consistency is a barrier but she has overcome all odds to continuously excel in all the events.

I came across gymnastics a year before Rio Olympics started. I was surfing through some youtube videos when I came across this phenomenal athlete. She hardly broke a sweat while performing the routine. She did it flawlessly and to put a cherry on the cake, she would finish the routine with a charismatic smile. I kept a track on her progress and was sure that she would be a leading contender for the medals at Rio.

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Her life has been full of struggles. Her grandparents are her and her sister’s guardians.Through her determination and will power, she executes moves no one else dares. Her floor exercises make me wonder if she is a dynamite! Rio Olympics witnessed her charm and talents. She bagged 4 gold medals and a bronze on the balance beam. Although many expected her to sweep all the five, she was content with the medals she won.A remarkable fact is, one of the moves used on the floor exercise is named the Biles move, in her honour.She has gained fame and much popularity among her fans with her friendly personality.She adorns many accolades and praises from famous athletes.Her story highlights the hard work of an athlete.She is truly an inspiration!