Most of you might see the title and assume that this is related to Twilight series(and become too judgemental!) but it runs under a completely different plotline. Some of you might have casually watched it on television or might have even read the books(I really don’t know much about that). Despite me not liking Twilight much, I enjoyed watching this series.

Seasons-8(the last one is going on)

No of episodes-171 (including the last season)

Duration of each episode-40 to 45 minutes

Genre-Fiction, Supernatural Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Teen Drama

The storyline revolves around two vampire brothers, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore and their love triangle with Elena Gilbert, then an ordinary high school girl. Elena and her brother Jeremy lose their parents in a car accident. Elena meets Stefan at her school and falls in love with him. The story takes place in Mystic Falls, a small town of Virginia. In a few episodes, the true nature of Stefan and Damon is revealed. We come across Bonnie Bennett, who later discovers her witch powers. Elena with her group of friends including Caroline Forbes, Matt Donovan, Tyler Lockwood unravels deep secrets of vampires and other mystical creatures. Suspicious attacks, unaccounted deaths, terrifying enemies manage to keep you on the edge of your seat!


The Vampire Diaries cast!

Vampire Diaries runs deep with each of its character. Along with vampires, we see werewolves, witches, travellers, sirens, doppelgangers, mystical societies bent on killing the supernatural creatures. It reveals the history, relationships of each family. Caroline’s family, Elena’s family are some of the founding families. Intriguing foes like Klaus, an original vampire who turns into a hybrid(werewolf and vampire) later on in the show, Kai a powerful warlock, Katherina who is the evil doppelganger of Elena, Silas,  Kade, the devil and the singing sirens bring flavour to the series.

Although the series has had its share of ups and downs, it is popular among teenagers. Due to its high popularity, a spin-off ‘The Originals’ was introduced developing on Klaus, Elijah, Hayley and Rebekah who all have made an appearance on the show before. The first few seasons really shows the peak of this show. The later seasons of the show lost the charms of the earlier seasons due to repeating storylines, dragging plots, deviations from the original character and even some unwanted boring foes.

I eagerly watched this show earlier although a few characters seemed to be annoying. I enjoyed the mysteries, the secrets and the long history of the show. The various love triangles, relationships adds a tinge of romance. The show is coming to an end this year March but has made its mark in the showbiz. Overall it is a good show to ward off your boredom. You should try it out if you like a supernatural story!

Critic’s Rating-8/10

Keep your eyes open for a vampire 🙂