This was one of the first classics I ever liked. Although it is written in American English, I found no difficulty in understanding the intricacy of the book. As the title suggests it is a story based on four sisters, who transforms into beautiful young ladies. The book provides variety with different emotions displayed. The protagonists Meg(Margaret), Jo(Josephine), Beth(Elizabeth)  and Amy belong to the March family.

Genre-Coming of age story, bildungsroman, family drama, feminism


The book is set during American Civil War. The story begins with Jo wishing for Christmas gifts and Meg complaining about their poverty. It brings out the adversities of war. Their father is away at war and they have lost all their wealth. The girls become fast friends with Laurie(Lawrence), their wealthy neighbour.

Meg is the eldest, the most beautiful among them all. Jo the main protagonist is a tomboy with a quick temper. Beth is a sweet, shy girl with a musical talent. Amy is the youngest with an artistic flair. The story portrays the flaws of each character and their struggle to become their best selves. Meg works as a teacher for small kids, Jo looks after an old wealthy Aunt.Beth takes care of the household helping their mother ‘Marmee’.Amy attends school. Beth falls ill when tending to the sick children so the family comes together. Meg soon falls in love with John Brooke, Laurie’s tutor.They get married and have two kids, Daisy and Demi. Jo and Laurie are the same age and enjoy each other’s company. Laurie proposes to Jo but Jo refuses as she cannot love him the same way. She leaves to New York where she becomes a professional writer under the tutelage of Professor Bhaer. Amy joins her Aunt on an expedition to Europe and grows as a talented artist. Laurie tries to forget Jo and pursues his music interest. Meanwhile, Beth becomes very sick and dies in the care of Jo. The grief of Beth’s death brings Amy and Laurie together. Soon Laurie marries Amy and has a daughter, Professor Bhaer proposes to Jo. Jo inherits the Plumfield from her aunt after her death. Bhaer and Jo have two boys.They make it a home for young boys who need the support of the society. Marmee’s 60th birthday is celebrated at Plumfield with her three daughters, their husbands, five grandkids and her husband.

This book inspired me deeply especially because of Jo’s character.I can find traces of Jo in myself. It pours light on fatal flaws we all have and how we can overcome them. Louisa tastefully adds romance and joy to the book. Although there is a popular hope for Laurie and Jo getting together, Louisa has done a remarkable work in proving otherwise. It brings out the hardships and struggles of being poor. Strong female characters increase the popularity of this book. I read the edited version when I was in third grade but due to my interests, I read the actual book later on. One of the must-read classics for bibliophiles!

Critic’s Rating-8.7/10