I loved reading books since an early age. My first reads very majorly Enid Blyton books. My friends and I used to buy all the books. We pretty much own the entire series!Here are some of the books I enjoyed reading at the age of 10-14.

1. Harry Potter Series-J.K.Rowling

This is one of the most amazing series I have ever read.It brings a fresh perspective with innumerable characters.It continues to be my favourite even today!

2. Malory Towers and St.Clare’s Series-Enid Blyton

I would strongly recommend it for girls of age 10-14.Darrell, the protagonist of Malory Towers describes her experience at a girls boarding school.St.Clare’s is the story on similar lines but with twins as protagonists. It was so enriching and introduced me to various new things I didn’t know.

3. Percy Jackson Series-Rick Riordan

This series made me fall in love with Greek mythology. The world created by Rick Riordan is super interesting. Perfect for fantasy lovers!

4.Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins

This was one of the first dystopian novels I read. A strong female protagonist with a world torn by war makes the book into an eye-catching novel.

5. Princess Diaries-Meg Cabot

A fun, humour series filled with twists and hard-hitting realities. Follow Mia, a normal teenager transforming into a young beautiful princess. A quick and a fun read for teenage girls!

6. Divergent-Veronica Roth

Another one of the dystopian novels I loved reading. Meet Tris who is forced to make a choice which can change her life. The story of the factions makes it a gripping tale.

7.The Witches-Roald Dahl

I loved all the books written by Roald Dahl.Mathilda, The Witches, Charlie and The Chocolate factory, James and the Giant Peach were some of my favourites.

8. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings-J.R.R.Tolkien

Again a fantasy book with innumerable characters. Although I couldn’t read the lord of the rings in the first go I later enjoyed it immensely.

9.The Dragonfly Pool-Eva Ibbotson

I was enchanted by the cover of the book. The story revolves around a girl named Tally, who is sent to a boarding school but it is different from the other school. I enjoyed reading her other books as well.

10.The Inheritance Cycle-Christopher Paolini

It is a story about a boy and a dragon who set out to defeat an evil tyrant. A fantasy story with a thrilling plot!

11.The Chronicles Of Narnia-C.S.Lewis

Four siblings stumble upon a new world in a secret wardrobe. They become fast friends with various creatures and embark upon many adventures.

12.And Then There Was None-Agatha Christie

This was one of the first crime novels I enjoyed.A gripping tale with an unsuspecting end.Agatha Christie’s books are my favourites even today. The variety of crimes and the detectives is mind boggling.

13. Inkheart-Cornelia Funke

Another one of fantasy series I liked. Meggie discovers her talent of transferring characters from a book to real life.

14.The Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Jeff Kinley

A quick read full of humour and a teenager’s outlook on life.Funny sketches makes this book a good read for timepass

15.Asterix-Albert Uderzo

A comic book with two incredibly funny protagonists.A village in Roman time with incredible powers and a mixture of characters.A comic book one surely will enjoy!

Apart from these books, I loved reading Tinkle, a monthly digest which had numerous tales and many other classics. Were these your favourite books too? Comment below to add other books to this list.