This week has been really hectic. I wrote this poem last year for a good friend of mine.I just met her a year ago but we instantly forged a firm friendship.Not all friends stay with us forever but they make us happy in the time we spend with them.

The Song Of The Bards

It was a new beginning,
The start of a breath-taking dream.
She entered with a determined glance,
Making a tale fit for the bards to sing.

Though hidden behind the thick glasses
Her eyes danced with excitement
Her cheeks turned blood red
Her heart waiting to explore the world of science

She slipped into the seat beside me
Our smiles greeted each other
We forged a strong bond
Our goals would lead us to the same path

Today we laugh and cherish these moments
We know not till when this lasts
But together we made a vow
To reach the place we seek the most

Someday the shy, silent, innocent girl
Will hold her head high with pride
No more will it only be her classroom
But also a paradise of sweet memories.

I hope that day she remembers
The fun and joyful times we had
Hope that she will fly into the blue skies
With the best experiences ever.