Hi, everyone!

I always keep searching for a good topic for writing poems.The one is inspired by Jeffrey Archer’s book ‘Mightier than the sword’.It is an amazing book(book review – Clifton Chronicles).This poem is dedicated to my good friend and an awesome author-Deeksha(check out her blog Jot The Thought!)

Mightier Than The Sword

Ancient books full of yellow pages,
Unusual treasures decorated the quaint room.
Millions of untold stories lay scattered;
Coated in black and gold, most cherished,
The powerful pen shined amidst all artefacts

Dressed in fine silky blue gown, the ink
Adorned by the silver crown, the nib
By the loyal locutions, royally chauffeured.
An army of wise words guarded;
The pen and the paper, the inseparable friends.

Beckoning the undiscovered poet’s mind,
To travel the unknown realms of secrets
Hidden talents of the author unleashed.
With innumerable scripts fallen creased
The quill and the scribe, a new romance.

Dreams shattered, the sole hope it remained,
The key to doors of opportunity, it held
With the cup of coffee, a devoted companion
Painted the page red with blood of the battalion
Thus the pen is mightier than the sword.

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