On a Sunday morning, what would you like to do? Curl up in your bed and relax. But for me, Sunday mornings are the most exciting part of the week. I wake up at 6 to attend dance classes. I feel energised and innovative after the classes. Being a dancer helps me cope up with stress and gives me a break the monotony. Apart from dancing skills and techniques, you need to learn much more to be a true dancer. Along with performances, you get the opportunity to work backstage and that’s just amazing.

Two weeks back, I volunteered to help out backstage for a programme. The programme was hosted by our dance school introducing a new, unique piece. Whenever I work backstage I am awed by the amount of commitment and hard work which goes behind putting together a performance. Since there was live music with instruments, sound systems have to be checked and set up. Backstage brings out the artist in you and it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss.

All ready to go!

I met a lot of great artists backstage and was inspired by their simplicity and charm. You find yourself to part of an organisation and you feel lost. I was accompanied by friends to the venue who were just as awestruck as I was. I listened to the words of encouragement given to the performers and was so motivated I would have danced had I been asked to without any preparations!

Lights, camera and action!

The beautiful decorations adorn the stage,

Yet more beauty you find in the backstage.

Unforgettable memories created on stage,

Yet more unforgettable experiences in the backstage. 

A huge audience, nervously you walk on the stage,

Yet peeks of the audience, more anxious in the backstage.

Have you ever had the same kind of experiences? Let me know how you felt in the comments below.