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Feeling bored or looking for a way to spend some time idly or finding a way to take off your mind about something serious? Your search comes to an end here. Modern Family has been and is one of the most hilarious, entertaining, enjoyable show on the T.V now. The show’s fun-filled daily happenings and bone hitting comical problems throw you into a fit of giggles.

Seasons-8(Broadcasting now-8th season)


Duration of each episode-20 minutes

Genre-Sitcom, family drama, comedy, mockumentary, romance

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One big family of jokers!

The story begins with Jay Pritchett, a rich American with two children from his first wife DeDe. He is the owner of Pritchett’s Closets and Blinds. He has a second wife Gloria, a beautiful Colombian who has a funny accent. Her son Manny, a cute kid in the first few seasons is now a teenager with weird interests in literature and acts like a 40-year-old. Gloria and Jay’s son, Fulgencio Joseph(Joe) is an adorable kid who never fails to bring a smile on your face by his mischievous antiques. Stella their dog adds a charm to the already tangled up household

Erstwhile Claire, the elder daughter of Jay from his first marriage, is married to Phil Dunphy, a realtor with a crazed obsession for magic tricks and cheerleading. They have 3 kids with the eldest being Haley, a super cute fashion girl, Alex, the biggest nerd of all and Luke, a geek messing around with bizarre experiments. There is always room for fun and more quirkiness at the Dunphy household.

Mitchell, the second born is gay and lives with Cameron Tucker, a big, sensitive, football fan and also clown(Named Fizbo).They adopt a Vietnamese baby girl named Lily. While Cam is a drama queen and is outgoing, Mitchell is uptight and judgemental. The Tucker-Pritchett household is full of contrasting stories.

The three families are very close and keep meeting each other for holidays, vacations and various celebrations for many occasions. Haley, Alex, Luke, Manny all attend the same school where Cam works for a while as a music teacher and then becomes a football coach. Mitchell is a lawyer. Claire initially a homemaker, later becomes the boss of Pritchett’s Closets and Blinds.

The series brings out a list of problems faced by different ages. Each character’s point of view is brought out hilariously. Every episode has a message along with a good laugh.I love the variety of characters and how a character develops with each season. Every role has been cast and played perfectly. Even after 8 seasons, it hasn’t lost its charm. The show opens your mind to a possibility of a family with great differences. It supports various social causes like LGBT, child adoption, feminism, immigration etc.

It has been one of my favourite shows for a long time. I personally relate a lot to Claire and Alex as I am a bit bookish and can be a little too bossy!! This is a show for almost viewers of all ages. A quick episode helps you lighten the mood. This show serves delicious comical scenes for all comedy lovers!

Critic’s Rating-9.1/10

A must watch for all sitcom lovers!