I spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. Here are some of the channels I absolutely adore. Click on the headings to check out the channels!

1. Kenny Sebastian

If you love stand-up comedy and you don’t know him then you aren’t doing your research properly. One amazing comedian who cracks jokes without making it too vulgar. He is spontaneous, innovative and also does on spot improv. He has done shows all over the world. He picks out his content from places you least expect to get any content. He also plays the guitar and writes funny songs. Altogether he is just too good!


He also responds to the crowds’ comments!


2. Urban Dance Camp

As a dancer, I feel totally dumb after I attempt to do the dance moves these dancers do and miserably fail. One wonderful dance group with dancers from all over the world. It is actually an international dance camp where some of the most renowned artists teach different forms of dance. Must watch for all the dance lovers! How I wish I could join them!!


3. Button Poetry

An incredible collection of poets with delightful and innovative poems. There are poems on a variety of topics.Poets from all over the world come together on this channel. I haven’t explored it completely but I love Sarah and Phil Kaye( When Love Arrives and An Origin Story). It provides an open space for all kinds of thoughts and brings a change in our thought process. Do visit and check out their videos!


4.Screen Junkies

It is a channel with honest trailers of different movies and series. It also includes news about latest movies and roasts(although I haven’t watched that much).Honest trailers are just to the point and will make you laugh holding your stomach. It highlights true feelings when you watch that particular movie. The end credits are something you shouldn’t miss!

The voicing is just too perfect!

5.Ellen Show

Everyone knows Ellen, one of the best hosts owns a show called EllenShow. She is one of the magnanimous personalities who entertains people on a huge scale. She has helped loads of people in need and brings unique talents on stage. She conducts interviews with Hollywood celebrities and has a various number of games on her show. Every season she tries something new. I enjoy her segments thoroughly especially the ‘Average Andy’ segment!


6. Ted-Ed

It is an educational channel with topics varying from history to science. It is an excellent platform to learn things more interestingly. I love ‘History vs …’ where they put famous controversial personalities like Napoleon, Nixon, Cleopatra, Genghis Khan etc. They also have talks on a vast range of subjects. A channel built for making learning a fun process! The cute animations and easy explanations are some eye-catching features.


These are some of the few channels I like. Let me know if you liked these channels. For more stay tuned.

Until the next time,