Today my exams got over, so we decided to celebrate by having a reunion of school friends. You can never find peace and laughter anywhere else like you do with your amazing friends.Smile as you relive those moments of joy as you read this poem!

Colours of Friendship

Those joyful memories,
Those contagious giggles,
Those long conversations,
Who can ever forget them?

Those naughty pranks,
Those deep connections,
Those big,hearty smiles
Who can ever replace them?

The fake sulks and tantrums,
Those expressive imitations,
Those everlasting stories,
Who can ever snatch them?

Neither foes nor time,
Can weaken the bonds of friendship
Together we smear colours,
On this canvas of life.

They stand by you,
Be it sorrow or happiness.
Never does it change ;
Be in any corner of the world

This song of true friendship,
Never fades away from the heart
Never does it cease to amaze,
This beautiful creation of art.

Hope you had a walk down the memory lane!