This is an excerpt from my family trip to Uttarakhand. Jim Corbett is one of the most popular tourist places in India and is well known for its tigers(of course!). Before planning a trip to Corbett here are a few tips you should know. Join me on this adventure as I travel the path down the memory lane!

Jim Corbett National Park

Location: Nainital, Uttarakhandimg_20170304_234748

We stayed in a resort called The Den’ which is a delightful place for wanderers and leaves no space for boredom. You find yourself among the wildlife out there. The day we reached the resort, we were tired to explore anything outside much so we took a long walk inside the resort. We were allotted separate cottage furnished with extremely good space. We also discovered its uniquely built rooms on treetops, an old library and found everything was based on the jungle theme. We met an elephant outside the resort the next day maintained by the resort itself. We fed jaggery and felt its rough skin. Overall it is an amazing place to stay!


The treetop rooms!




The cottage!


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The bookshelves





If you are going to Corbett I suggest you book your safaris in advance.There are many gates to enter. Some of them are more known for tiger sightings than the other

1.Bijrani Safari Zone

2.Jhirna Safari Zone

3.Dhela Safari Zone

4.Dhikala Zone

5.Sitabani Buffer Zone

6.Durga Devi Zone

The most popular and the best one is supposed to be Dhikala Safari Zone and there are also forest stay facilities there. We weren’t aware of all this so we could only manage to get the Durga Devi gate which was no less of a beauty.

For more information about safari booking-http://www.corbett-national-park.com/entry-gates-for-safaris.html

Best time to visit-  Mid-November to Mid-May(I would recommend you not to go in May)

We took the early morning safari as we wanted to watch the morning charm of the forest.The jeep arrived and I was filled with excitement. We had to pass the security checks and then we hired some binoculars. The forest is an ideal spot for bird lovers. The jungle’s peaceful surroundings and nature’s allure appealed to us. We sighted many deer and some of them were almost at an arm’s distance. The green trees swayed to the chirping songs of the birds. After a while, we came across Ram Ganga river with a wooden bridge. As we passed the bridge, we came across a plethora of magnificent fishes leaping out in the air. Although we did not see the much-awaited tigers, we saw something, even rarer that is the Yellow-throated marten. There were three to four of these energetic, cute creatures and we watched them joyfully. I learnt a new lesson in life that day. Such grandeur, tranquillity, a life you can never enjoy in these cemented cities!




On the bridge



This is a must visit place for anyone be it a kid or a senior citizen!