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This is one of my favourite books which I came across in the recent times. I rarely venture into such genres but I was extremely happy that I did. I had previously read ‘The Kite Runner’ another of his amazing books but was more drawn by ‘The Thousand Splendid Suns’. I have thoroughly enjoyed the place-setting the author gives for each of his remarkable stories.

Genre- Historical Fiction, War Novel, Multicultural Fiction

Recommended for 15 years and above(Contains violence and tragedy)


The tale begins with Mariam, then a fifteen-year-old born out of wedlock to Jalil, a rich businessman and Nana, a former servant of his. Mariam is a girl desperately seeking for her father’s love. Due to circumstances, she is married to Rasheed, a shoe seller thirty years older than her. This is the story of her struggles in the backdrop of Kabul where gender equality is a dream unknown.

Later in the book, we are introduced to Laila, a young attractive girl from an educated family who is quite the opposite of Mariam in every way possible. She and her friend Tariq realise that they love each other but their happiness does not last long. War pushes Laila to make a questionable choice to save a thing most precious to her. Soon Laila and Mariam become friends under dire circumstances. Their bonding in times of war and tragedy is terribly moving and rejuvenating

The book set in the 1970’s underlines the social inequality women face even today. It highlights the horrors of war, the gruesome acts of Taliban. The two women protagonists sacrifice everything to protect their loved ones show the immense powers of women. It is a gripping story of unforgiving time, unfortunate luck, a surprising friendship and indestructible love.

This is one of the very few books I have cried while reading. The horrors of a woman’s life in such areas opened my eyes to the plight of women across the world. I loved the flow of the story and the contrasting characters. The descriptions of violence and abuse were very gory and disgusting. Khaled Hosseini has created a masterpiece by stating the beauty of Kabul, Afghanistan. He has highlighted the evils that still haunt the world and brought a revolution in the thought process of many. A thrilling read with a powerful message!

Critic’s Ratings- 9.1/10

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