I have been busy cleaning my bookshelves and I came across one of my old poems. So I was inspired to write a poem simple and meaningful.

Now and Then

I looked at the twinkling stars,
All I see is buildings with ugly scars.
The fragrance of flowers was heavenly,
A stinking odour of garbage; I run breathlessly.
Green grass welcomed my presence,
Replaced by cemented footpath, a place for beggar’s penance.
Ancient books rarely found, but knowledge abundant;
A Kindle in every beings hand, but mastery redundant.
Trees ever smiling innumerably found on every road,
With millions of vehicles, the metropolitans flowed.
Money was just another piece of paper, needed for survival
Now money is the cause for good brothers to be rival.
The rain droplets challenged the splendid peacocks for dance,
Cyclones and tsunamis now terrify us with a glance.
Wondering if life is a game of how and when?
I exclaim that time is the only player, between now and then.

Hope you enjoyed reading that.Let me know if you liked it in the comments below.I might do another one of a similar kind if I get a good review!

Until then,