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Today’s topic is my favourite and I wanted to blog about it since ages. Without rambling much, I want to state why F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the perfect series.


Episodes- 236

Duration of each episode-20-25 minutes(only the first & last episode of each season is around 40-45 minutes)

Genre-Sitcom, comedy, romance


The story begins with five friends Chandler(the sarcasm master), Joey (the handsome foodie), Monica(the OCD chef), Ross(the divorced palaeontologist) and Phoebe(the weird dreamer) sitting in a cafe. Then Rachel who is a friend of Monica’s walks into the cafe in a bride’s dress. She is a spoilt and rich person who decides she does not want to marry the guy at the altar. She becomes Monica’s roommate and the plotline starts there.

The show highlights the life of adults who have struggled with relationships, job opportunities but get going due to their strong bonds of friendship. Chandler is the joker, who works at a boring job(data collecting or something!).His roommate is Joey, an incredibly charming actor who’s best pick-up line is ‘How you doing?’. Rachel joins the Central Perk, the cafe the friends usually go to as a waitress but she wants to do something in the fashion line. Monica and Ross are siblings with Ross being the elder one. Ross’s first marriage turns out to be a failure but he has a son named Ben.Monica is a successful chef and her apartment is the common room for all of them to hang out. Phoebe is a masseuse, who has weird tastes and acts eccentric at times.


Altogether the story makes you laugh and cry while still not being too serious. It develops each character’s back story with every episode. You can directly watch any episode without having to know or see the series from the very beginning. The characters grow out of their insecurities and fear. The series portrays every character uniquely and brings in a lot of messages related to the real world.

Critic’s Rating- 9.5/10

If you have watched friends let me know who is your favourite character and why?I like Chandler the best among them all. I relate a lot to Monica so she is another character I like.I love the cafe and Monica’s apartment(the balcony!).



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