Hello, friends!

Today is the birthday of one of my childhood friends.We both are bibliophiles and are big Harry Potter fans.This poem is for him, one of the wizards who missed his letter from Hogwarts.

The Bibliophile

The clock sang as it stuck twelve.
A birthday wish would remain incomplete,
Turning eleven was no insignificant feat,
Starring at the sky,he hoped to see an owl
A letter from Hogwarts was all he ever wished.

The twinkling stars were his companions.
As he dreamed of the clever sorting hat
The Great Hall full of food would make him fat
Being a seeker of the golden snitch,
He wondered if he could ever see the magnificent library.

Would he be in Gryffindor where the brave hearts dwell?
Or would he join the Ravenclaw the cleverest of all?
Or perhaps in Hufflepuff, helping everyone stand tall?
Would he be sorted into Slytherin,he might find true friends?
His curiosity like a black hole sucked every thought in.

He was sure he would take up Divination
But he would be the transfiguration master,
He would be the discoverer to make potions faster.
Sleeping in all classes of history of magic,
He would excel at the defense against the dark arts.

Unfortunately his dreams were smashed
No letters were found addressed to his name,
But it was magic of determination, which bought him fame.
At the age of seventeen, an adult he was in the enchanted world
Among the Muggles, an amazing author he became.

Which house would you be in if you were in Hogwarts?What are the things you would do if you were a student at Hogwarts?Let me know about your thoughts in the comments below

Until next time,