I came across an interesting post on Instagram. One of my friends had posted about how marks play a role in your life.Some people suggested I write a poem on this topic. I was intrigued and so took upon myself to write a poem.

Education’s Deceit

The bird soared gracefully into the sky,
Behind the window sat students, wanting to fly.
A deafening silence had engulfed the noisy class;
When the bundle of papers sat firmly on the rack.

For some it was a nightmare, others it was a curiosity,
But none had the courage to reply to the question’s audacity.
Ignorant, that a number could define some of their lives
They knew not of the race, they had all signed up for.

When did ‘Marks’ begin to decide their worth?
How did learning become a burden instead of joy & mirth?
Who declared exams & tests be a measure of intelligence?
What consequences would community face,u if this cycle continues?

How did society weigh their success by a number?
Why did “education” put knowledge into a deep slumber?
Which was more important, talent or hard work?
Where did friendship end & competition begin?

Whose idea was it to destroy imagination & creativity?
When did quantity, not quality start to describe productivity?
Hours in classrooms, yet the answers were unknown
Time had rolled its dice; thus began the game of their lives

Behind society’s deceit, the simple truth lies in dust
Interest sparked, ecstasy of wisdom should be a must
Fame, honour, wealth would then follow trust
Joy and peace would then prevail on earth’s crust.

Did you relate any of the above lines?What is your opinion about this kind of education system?Comment below to let me know.

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