Lately, I have been very busy so I haven’t been able to post as often as I used to. My tuitions have started and I have loads of work to complete. I keep meeting up with friends from school as often as possible. Altogether it has been a hectic week. On March 4th, Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bengaluru conducted an open day festival.What open day basically means is that the display of experiments is open for everyone to go and visit.

This is the first year I have attended the festival although it is held every year in the month of March. My friends and I were eagerly waiting to attend the big campus we all had heard about. We all love practical science experiments so we were sure of liking the event. Open day started at 9 a.m and you could stay there till 6 p.m


Just see the magnanimity of the place!



One thing you have to know about IISc is that the place is very huge. The displays were spread all over the campus and to cover the entire event on legs was almost impossible.We did not know about this so we had hoped to look at some departments like Physics and Microbiology which we could not make it to at the end of the day. IISc has different gates from which you can enter.We entered from the gate which was closest to our place but luckily most of the events were concentrated there only.We reached there by 10 a.m but struggled a bit in the beginning to find the way to innumerable departments.

I would advise people to take cycles if they want to cover a lot of ground because on foot it takes a long time. We first visited ‘The Centre for Sustainable Technology” which threw light on ways to create more suitable and efficient methods in order to conserve energy.Interesting models on plasma water and borewells intrigued us.We headed to instrumentation and applied physics department where we were introduced to concepts of anti-gravitation, detection of cancer cells, how a sensor works, glass blowing techniques and we also took part in Rubik’s cube challenge.

It was very hot that day and we were tired of walking by then but we continued with great enthusiasm.We visited the math department.Most of the exhibits were the things we had already learnt like conic sections.It was a fun with math class.There were tangrams, puzzles and models which we soon finished looking at.We then paid a visit to the geological department which wasn’t that much interesting.We were starving by the time we finished all this and none of us had planned to bring lunch.We had to walk what seemed like miles together to get to a hotel.But to our disappointment, it was brimming with people so we voted to go to the university canteen.On our way, we stumbled upon the cryogenic department which I think was one of the best departments we visited.It portrayed experiments based on the gas laws using liquid nitrogen.We even viewed the use of superconductors here.It was one amazing experience for all of us!


Interesting models!


Who doesn’t want liquid nitrogen!



By then, we were all fatigued and all our minds could think of was food.We travelled a long way to the canteen which was so crowded that you could not stand there.We quickly barged in and brought food of our liking.To beat the heat, we relished eating the cold ice candies. We then went the to ‘The Open Circuit Wind Tunnel” which was just marvellous. Apart from all these departments, we saw numerous buildings, libraries and tiny stalls. Later we sat down at a calm place and relaxed. I truly appreciate the green cover the campus has.  After being awestruck by the beauty and the enormity of the campus we started on our journey back home. We exited from another gate and had to walk a long way but it was all worth it. It was and will remain to be one of the most memorable days of my life.


Want to fly?Here’s the perfect place!


Who doesn’t want a cool library like this?


Behold the Whomping willow!!




So if you feel like visiting the display next year let me know.I can tell you the best places to visit.If you have already visited the place let me know about your experience!

Until the next time,