I decided to put all my favourite fandom in one single poem.Although my list is a lot bigger, I chose a selected few.These contain both tv shows and books.Can you guess all of them?

The World of Words

He searched for the Riptide in every pen,
She wished to hold the feared One Ring.
He solved imaginary crimes under the Big Ben.
She wanted the Mockingjays, that sweetly sing.

She craved to go to the wonderful Malory Towers.
He created Mazes that he alone could break through,
No Narnia, no matter how many wardrobes she uncovers.
All he wondered was if any broomsticks flew.

He was a unique divergent, she was a promising dragon rider
He was the powerful werewolf, she was a noble Stark.
He was the charming Augustus Walter, she the best Air bender;
The lonely soulmates became F.R.I.E.N.D.S at the central park.

Which are your favourite fandoms?How many of them could you guess?Let me know your favourites in the comments below


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