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April 2017

The Pedagogue

Hey! I started writing this poem long time ago and finally finished it recently.I feel as student I don't comprehend the trouble teachers go to make our lessons enjoyable(not all teachers do that!).This poem is not particularly dedicated to one... Continue Reading →


Three Line Tales(#1)

Hello! I came across an interesting challenge on Only 100 Words.The challenge is to write a story on the photo provided in just 3 lines. photo by Nick de Partee via Unsplash A Flickering Light She was drawn to the green... Continue Reading →

Ambivert-A different perspective

Hello! Ever since I started the blog, I hoped to post regularly but I now I see that it can be challenging to be regular(Skipping all the usual apologies).I have been terribly busy with tuition, tests and some dance lessons.I... Continue Reading →

Kashmir-The Land with Everlasting Beauty

Hey! I recently found an album of photos from my trip to Kashmir. It has been one of the most charming places I have ever been to.Kashmir despite its struggle with various forms of violence and war still manages to... Continue Reading →


Hello! This week I asked people on Instagram(@thelogophilescorner) what topics they wanted to hear poems or stories on. One of them suggested a brilliant topic, simple. I have attempted to write a sonnet(sadly could not do complete justice) so go... Continue Reading →


Hello! I found this interesting daily prompt on The Daily Post and decided to give a go at it. Prudence The world was his to own when he sketched the busy streets with colourful pens. The classrooms, to him, were just walls... Continue Reading →

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