I found this interesting daily prompt on The Daily Post and decided to give a go at it.


The world was his to own when he sketched the busy streets with colourful pens. The classrooms, to him, were just walls who brought the eager student out of him. His being deaf did not seem to affect his choice in music. He heard the songs of nature through his easel filled with green. He heard people’s opinions when they took a breath. He was the artist everyone wished to be.

Just as everyone else there came a time to make a choice, choose his passion for art or earn good money and have a relaxed comfortable life. The society was willing to make the choice but he alone had the vision for his future. Taking a prudent decision, he chose the less travelled path. The path with curves and bends, sometimes full of colour sometimes black and grey but that made a difference because today everyone knows his name.

Do you think his choice was the best?Would you make similar decisions and never hesitate to choose your passion over your comfort?

I usually argue that a person must follow their passion but I think I myself would hesitate to undertake that path.To have the courage to pursue your dreams, to see something unique in yourself when others don’t, to have that will to keep fighting even after disappointments is a great achievement.

Feel free to air your opinions and thoughts. Let’s have a discussion on the topic in the comments below.



Picture credits-sharathkomarraju.com