This week I asked people on Instagram(@thelogophilescorner) what topics they wanted to hear poems or stories on. One of them suggested a brilliant topic, simple. I have attempted to write a sonnet(sadly could not do complete justice) so go ahead and air your views after reading the poem.


The world remains peaceful amidst chaos.
Love exists, but plays hide and seek,
With sparring words, wars begin from small rows
Simple is literature, but none too unique.

Paranoid about future, the present runs;
Beneath veils of wealth poverty blossoms.
Violence erupts again, yet no ban on guns
Simple is life, but living no one fathoms.

Technology, a boon, disconnected lives, a bane
Nature smiles, artificial flowers are perfect replacement
Diseases cured, but only drugs make them sane
Simple are dreams, but exchanged for money’s enslavement.

Simple is to be kind, to change the world with a letter,
Simple is to help one another become humans, but only much better.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I could write on. Did you relate the poem?


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