I recently found an album of photos from my trip to Kashmir. It has been one of the most charming places I have ever been to.Kashmir despite its struggle with various forms of violence and war still manages to enthral its audience. I visited Kashmir about 6 years ago so I write what I remember and nothing more.I don’t remember all the details of the trip so let me share with you the snippets of the wonderful journey I went on.

If there is a heaven on Earth, it is here, here in Kashmir.

We had booked the entire trip through Kesari Tours and Travels.We went to Mumbai first and then took a plane to Srinagar. The airport was serene and the weather was perfect.From all the places I visited I want to write on the few which I loved and cherish the most.

We paid a visit to Gulmarg a small town where we went on a cable car. It is called Gondola cable car and is very famous.There were 2 levels.The first level was just a lot of snow but it was cold as much as the other one. We went a level higher until all I could see was only clouds and the cold snow seemed to stretch on and on. I can still remember the chilly cold air, the peaceful atmosphere despite a number of people there and how tiny the world below looked from so high up on the mountain peak.

Whee…!Up & Down it goes!
Look how far and wide the white snow spreads!
The clouds whispered secrets to the trees!

There were some tourist adventure games like skiing and sledging.We took and sledge and the guide took us to a place from where we could see India-Pakistan border. Every time I looked down I was so scared I would fall but it was an experience I can never forget.

“Here I come to play hide and seek,” said the lonely mist.

I don’t exactly remember where we went next or in what order we visited other places but another place which left a lasting impression on me was Pahalgam in Anantnag district.One funny incident which took place on our way to Pahalgam. We were warned that riots usually break out in these areas so we had to be careful.When our bus approached the town, many men started climbing on the bus or trying to open the windows.All of us in the tours and travel group were shocked.Later we understood they were only the “Ghodawala”(the men who kept the horses).They just wanted the customers to choose their horses and so they were overjoyed to have a bus full of tourists.

We finally booked the horses to visit the places high up in the mountains.There were altogether 9 places but I distinctly remember a house in which Bobby movie was shot and Mini Switzerland(Baisaran Valley).We had adventures even on our way to these places.My horse named Mustan was very experienced so it had no guide.Trudging through the uneven ground of the valley I wondered how well the horses were trained.

The house where it all began!

When we reached the place, the Mini Switzerland of India all I could do was gape at nature’s play.The snow-clad mountains in the backgrounds, the tall green pine cone trees, the calm blue sky, the bright green meadow, crystal clear water gushing, it seemed like one of the profound moments where you understand everything around but at the same time, you are left in amazement.My words cannot do justice to that place.If you ever plan on visiting Kashmir don’t miss out on this place.Truly God’s own heaven on Earth.

Looks like those wallpapers on laptops, doesn’t it?But it’s real more than you or me.
Photographs don’t do justice to that place!
Staring at the sky, your insignificance is magnified.

Stay tuned for more updates on my trip to Kashmir & other interesting places.Let me know if you have felt the same way about any particular place in the comments below.




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