Ever since I started the blog, I hoped to post regularly but I now I see that it can be challenging to be regular(Skipping all the usual apologies).I have been terribly busy with tuition, tests and some dance lessons.I keep getting all these wonderful ideas for my next posts but keep procrastinating or I forget what I would have actual thought of(Leave a comment below if this happens to you).

Everyone today seems to find some kind of classification or label assuring.Sometimes you feel your zodiac sign or MBTI types help define you. So obviously you would have come across the terms introvert and extrovert.Introverts claim to be the smarter, observant and focused. Extroverts, on the other hand, seem to be the dominant leaders, good orators and more social.Recently ambivert also has made an entry into our dictionary.

I find it apt to describe myself as an ambivert because I love talking to people but at the same time I keep my distance from people.I like to be social but also love some alone time.Do you find that you possess both characteristics of an introvert and extrovert?Here are some things you should know about an ambivert(You might actually find yourself to be one!)

1)Ambiverts enjoy social events like parties/weddings/hang-outs but would also love to spend a day curled up in bed with a good book.

Ambiverts love the interaction with people and the real world but we have to stop to take a break to rejuvenate the same enthusiasm.I, for one would choose books and marathon movie night rather than a get-together of acquaintances.It is an altogether different matter when it comes to catching up with close friends.

2)Ambiverts don’t mind working in group/solo.They treat it alike.

We sure do love the different ideas we get when we have a group discussion but doing a project alone and exploring every bit is a joy in itself!An ambivert has no real preference for either but it rather depends on the mood.


3)Ambiverts might look shy at the first glance or a little reserved but they let go of their inhibitions once they get to know you(They judge people & their intentions rather well)

Ambiverts don’t like to usually conversations but we speak a lot when it comes a topic of our interest.An ambivert would talk to others almost as much as they would talk to themselves.

4)Ambiverts make small talks but do not particularly like it.

We really do not mind gossiping a bit but sure do get annoyed when that becomes the topic for the day.Ambiverts might seem very silent some days and chatterboxes on the others.

5)Ambiverts are intuitive and are very observant.

Ambiverts understand people’s feeling very quickly but might not know how to react exactly to that situation.They can usually make observations which most people might miss.

Quotev Quiz-Try this quiz to know if you are an ambivert, introvert & extrovert.Comment below and let me know what was your result.


My Perspective

I believe that ambiverts have an upper hand in dealing with social situations.Where extroverts tend to be bossy and introverts too shy, ambiverts seem to be the perfect combination.Ambiverts can relate to both sides of the coin and hence seem to face lesser conflict from others.Although people usually are not 100% extroverted or introverted not everyone can be called an ambivert.Extroverts/Introverts might act as ambiverts under a certain condition but their true character is not like the ambiverts.

As an ambivert, you have loads of problems following you.You are torn in two while making decisions.People might get offended because of your constant change in interest.You get bored too easily.Social situations can drain your energy at times.You find it strange to make new friends in new places.You can judge people far too easily and most of the times you are right about it.

Are you an ambivert?Can you relate to this?Make sure to comment below and let me know.