I started writing this poem long time ago and finally finished it recently.I feel as student I don’t comprehend the trouble teachers go to make our lessons enjoyable(not all teachers do that!).This poem is not particularly dedicated to one to teacher but to all who have stood by me and helped me become the person I am today.I realise that one day I might be a teacher to someone and have been thinking about the things we overlook.Let me know if you agree with the poem in the comments below.Also let me know who was/is your favourite teacher and why.

The Pedagogue

When I was three, she was a stranger;
Tears welled up in my eyes looking at her
Blissfully ignorant, I lived in my fantasy
Now all can I do is laugh at my idiocy.

When I was six, I learnt a new word ‘life’,
Her charming words, ended my strife
Blissfully ignorant, I thanked her not
Now all I can do is miss her a lot.

When I was eleven, I feared her gaze
I sincerely worked without any laze
Blissfully ignorant, I cared not much
Now all I can do is regret as much.

When I was sixteen, she was an outsider
I believed I was my life’s only rider
Blissfully ignorant, I heeded not her word
Now all I can do is think how my visions were blurred.

Years after I finished my schooling,
I stand today hearing the same bell ring
No longer blissfully ignorant of her role
Now all I do is remember her, for I have reached my goal.

Thank you all for the support and encouraging comments on my previous posts.