I have been quite busy these days.Even if I do write I don’t find time to post them.This topic was given by Deeksha( Jot the thought!) and this idea popped up in my head.This is my perspective of an artist’s life.I believe that although there are hardships whenever you take up any creative form as your profession there is joy and freedom never felt in other professions.If you like the poem let me know in the comments below.I might do a second part to this!

All the world’s a stage!

The street brimmed with umbrellas and raincoats,
They paced quickly, placing one foot after another.
All followed the daily routine, except for that one.
Sporting neon green shoes, he was ready to have fun.

Dressed in vibrant colours, he carried a mischievous grin;
Music turned on, the pattering rain was the perfect audience.
He danced with passion, described in no book’s page
For, the street, the bridge, the world was his stage!

The crowd cheered the orator’s speech lifelessly,
Their plastic smiles and applause added to the colours of boredom,
Silence; followed like an obedient slave bound to its master.
The violin case opened up, her heart paced faster.

Barring tattoos of the past, her arms held perfectly the violin,
Lights turned on, the blue clouds swayed with her tunes.
She created her own sanctuary, leaving behind all her rage
For, the dais, the hall, the world was her stage!

The people walked, ran, exercised nonchalantly,
Monotony; a pestering ghost that haunted all,
Fear of life bothered them, but nature remained ignored
The green on her pallette was a colour she adored.

Adorning a cheerful smile, her eyes spoke of an unknown language
Unique was her style, abstract the flowers on her canvas.
She lost herself in abyss of art yet discovered her true image
For, the park, the nature, the world was her stage!

Talent, skill and passion personified; they are,
Hardworking and dedication, their daily prayers;
Theirs was a life of joy, free from boundaries of a cage
For the world, the galaxy, the universe was their stage!

©The Logophile’s Corner


Picture Credits-Youtube.com