I had a trip to Mangalore last week so I was busy enjoying the view there.My college is starting from Thursday so my holidays are coming to an end(sigh).Why must all good things end?I hope to post as often as possible.

The Ghosts of The Past

The earthquake sent the tallest of towers deep underground;
Facing its wrath were the greedy fools who dug their own graves.
The hurricane swallowed the entire city,
Unleashing fury on those who hath betrayed nature.
The sea plundered the strongest iron ships,
Seeing it’s ferocity were the selfish sailers who wished for death.
The volcano covered the golden statues,
Expressing rage on all who had questioned its existence.
Earth,Air, Water,Fire savoured the blood of betrayers.
Balance would be restored, now that they had their revenge.
What of those who betrayed me when I trusted them the most?
What of the cruel ghosts of my past which still haunt me?
What of my anger growing stronger despite the shackles?
I know not the answer; balance and justice is all I seek.

© The Logophile’s Corner

Hope you liked the poem.I tried something new!