I recently read about this doctor being abused for not being able to save the patient.I also heard that there were several such cases of abuses against the doctors.Firstly, to all such offenders, I would like to say they too are human beings, not Gods.I know that it is painful to lose a loved one but you don’t know the other side of the story.There are ghastly stories about doctors only making money but the majority of them are honest, dedicated and hardworking.Secondly, remember that you are the one approaching them and not they who come to you begging for help.

Do you know how it feels to hold someone’s life literally in your hands?Are you ready to take up responsibilities of other people’s need apart from your family?Are you willing to sacrifice your family time so that you save a stranger’s life who might not even be thankful for your services?Or do you like when someone tells how to do your job when they are ignorant about your field?

I have relatives who are doctors, who have long served the field and also a few who are entering the field of medicine.What person would want to risk their personal well-being and choose such a difficult career I sometimes wonder?We as patients are very irrational at times but we need to understand that we are not the only one under their care but one amongst many.I have equally faced a number of annoying doctors whose intentions were not very clear.This does not allow one to assume all doctors belong to that category.A few doctors take the pain of going the extra length and making sure that the patients feel comfortable so they keep in mind the importance of proper schedules and implement it.

Whenever I go to a family gathering, the guests there suggest me to embrace the path of medicine. Although I like the idea of opting for medicine, such thoughts do make me question if that is the right path.Doctors, in general, are seen as respected members of the society. Theirs is a profession of uninterrupted studying, commitment and great sacrifices.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

I hope this post helped you change your perspective of the doctors, in general.They are respected because of their hard work and sacrifices. So next time you visit a doctor remember they too are human beings first.

Many of these circumstances are relatable if you are from India.