If you are a big fan of cricket you would obviously know him as one of the best captains,best wicket keepers and the best finisher ever.Once Indian cricket had only one God, Sachin Tendulkar( Another big Chapter) but today this man,Dhoni has been the favourite of all cricket enthusiasts at least for a short span of time.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been my favourite cricketer since I started understanding the game of cricket.What makes him stand out as player/leader is his calm, composed manner in which he carries himself.He is a level-headed player who does not care much about personal records.He is undoubtedly one of the best wicket keeper in this generation.His cool attitude under pressure earned him the name Captain Cool.


Till today if I remember a nail-biting cricket match,it had to be 2011 World Cup Final against Sri Lanka.All of us were literally inside the television that day.India was chasing a target of 275 which back then was a great deal.Sehwag and Sachin were sent back to the dressing room in no time.It fell upon the shoulders of Dhoni and Gambhir to carry the team to victory.It was that day I realised what it takes to be a great leader.The entire series took place in India.To have the hopes of 1.2 billion people resting in your hands and still be calm is something only the captain cool can pull off.He walked up to the crease as if this was not a big deal and built a sturdy partnership with Gambhir.Later when Gambhir ended his innings at 99,Dhoni had to take the reins.He never cared about his own personal records.He could have been selfish and made a century.He ended the game with a 96 not out and to this day that remains my favourite memory of him.

There have been many allegations on Dhoni regarding Chennai Super Kings,the IPL franchise.I am ignorant about the underlying facts but without another thought I have always defended him.He has the best win-loss record amongst all Indian captains who have played as many matches as he has.He also is an excellent judge of the wicket.He is usually right about asking for a review.His humility, friendliness and professionalism has left me impressed.Virat Kohli, his successor also takes his advice on and off field.He is an inspiration to all young talented players out there.We as Indians should be proud to have had him as our Captain.

“A leader is the one who knows the way,shows the way and goes the way”


And MS Dhoni is that perfect leader!