I spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. Here are some of the channels I absolutely adore. Click on the headings to check out the channels!

1. Superwoman (Lilly Singh)

This channel will make you laugh till your sides start aching.Lilly has a variety of talents from singing to imitating accents.Check out her parents reacting to different music videos.They are hilarious!!I also enjoy the series of “If my brain/phone were a person”.Her collaborations with other YouTubers are good too.She recently released her own book ‘How To Be A Bawse’.

Her logo is just so cool!

2.Unerase Poetry

I came across this channel very recently.I loved their concepts and their way of conveying those well-written words.Aranya Johar is one of the people behind this page, who is an absolute delight to hear.Some of the poems are in Hindi.One among them is Gaurav Tripathi’s “Lord Ram in Court” which is a must for all poetry lovers.photo


3.Acapella Science

I came across this very talented and surprisingly unique channel when I heard to one of the channel’s songs -“The Molecular Shape of You”.Many other humorous parodies have been created.I learnt much science from this channel!Much more than in some classes :P.

P.S: You have to know about basics of science to understand these videos!



4.East India Comedy

This is a group of Indian comedians who bring out extraordinary levels of a joke.They have a segment called EIC Outrage which really points out the harsh truth the media is not clear about. They have individual clippings with a vast collection of topics.Their recent songs on Trump, Modi and Arnab Goswami have been a popular hit.Although their language can be a little messed up sometimes it usually cracks me up after a dull day.Their EIC vs Bollywood is a popular yearly event.

They themselves look funny!


5.Be Inspired

This a motivational youtube channel.I love some of their videos.The voicing and the music for these videos are really powerful which help you stay determined. These videos have a really good collection of speeches compiled from various sources.They can help you get back your confidence.

Keep Calm and Never Give Up!

Check these out and let me know which of these you liked in the comments below.Also, let me know your favourite youtube channels!



Picture courtesy-youtube.com,chicago.com,BuzzFeed.com