Since few days I have had this great urge to write a poem but due to various reasons was unable to bring my thoughts together.I hope to pour out my thoughts and find some solace by jotting down these words.

Those Veiled Words

A faint smile is all that is wanted,
To make me a participant of  ‘the happiness race’
Never are attempts made, to read my masked face;
My thoughts; a distant myth, forever bounded.

A few confident words are all that are required,
To categorise me into ‘a girl with too many opinions’
A voice whispers,seems as fictional as those cute minions
With colours of deception, my emotions remain concealed.

That heavy layer of feeling is all that is expected,
To be bottled up and ‘act normal but to be unique’
Botched in the notches of time, inner peace is all I seek
Searching for a sense of understanding, my eyes feel dejected.

Behind those veiled words, I have found a sense of solace,
For there exists in a corner, who will read through my lines
That day when I smile, my eyes will no longer speak in signs;
That freedom of expression will unlock the veils of my mind palace.

Hope you could enjoy the poem.Let me know your thoughts on the poem below in the comments.