A happy new year to all!Hope this year lives up to your expectations!I have exams coming up so will not be updating my blog for a while(Saying my sorries in advance!)

Dear 2017,
You were a portrait filled with colours of black, blue, gold, red and still seem to be a challenge to decipher.At the first glance, you might have been mistaken for being boring and monotonous just like your ancestors.You could not have gotten off on a more wrong note, by being the year of an unwanted President.But you became everyone’s darling when you recreated the golden era of tennis legends!!
Being the year of #Metoo wasn’t a title you could show off, but launching 140 satellites at a time making sure you won’t be forgotten anytime soon.I knew you were the absent-minded professor since you goofed up the Oscars but you were also a visionary who just didn’t give up!You were held responsible for the crimes of your ancestors.You were the epitome of goodbyes for celebrities across the world.Following the footsteps of your ancestors, you too claimed the world record for violence, division and tragedies.You failed to impress your love, Time but managed to bribe your partner in crime, History.
I loved dancing with you, you were full of danger and passion.You were the harbinger of the many friendships I made!You mixed sweet and sour so I could learn from my mistakes!You clearly outran me in the game of snakes and ladders.Challenging my every step, hurling unanswered questions at me has been your favourite source of entertainment.But it is the time I moved to the next adventure that awaits me.It feels like I might almost miss you!With mixed emotions, I bid adieu to you, mischief maker!
Yours formerly,

Dear 2018,
I come to you bearing gifts from your predecessor.You have an important role in filling the big shoes of your ancestors but fear not, I know that you will be as charming and eye-catching as them.Everyone has already started naming you responsible for their resolutions.You wish to score an ‘exceeds expectation’ in every field but I urge you to talk to history, your old friend who has not remembered all your past-lives kindly.
Before you just become another page in the books I hope to have a jolly ride with you.You hold my future delicately and I am ready to dance to your tunes.I hope that red is not your colour and you may choose white, unlike many others.With smiles, I welcome you to the journey.
Yours faithfully,
Your Travel Guide



Let me know if this is what you wanted to say to 2017 and 2018!!