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An open letter to 2017 and 2018!!

Hey!! A happy new year to all!Hope this year lives up to your expectations!I have exams coming up so will not be updating my blog for a while(Saying my sorries in advance!) Dear 2017, You were a portrait filled with colours... Continue Reading →


Seasons of Life(Travelling to Nature’s Cradle-Coorg)

Hi,      Merry Christmas!!I recently went on a college trip to Coorg.It was a short trip but I really enjoyed it.Our total strength was around 450(That's right!) so travelling to a lot of places was not an expectation.Despite that,... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things-Redefining strange!(Series Review)

Hi, everyone! Despite having no time to do the things I actually have to do(like updating my blog) I seemed to find time to fall into the sticky nets of Stranger Things wave.It was recommended by many people and I... Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide To Colours

Hi, I know it's been a long while since I updated my blog and I will put before the long list of reasons for my prolonged absence(So let me just skip it).I have had a few bad days in the... Continue Reading →

My World

Hello, Recently we had a fest(the name of the fest is Surabhi) at our college.It is an intra-college event.For a competition, I recited this poem about how books are what make me who I am. My World The rains pattered;... Continue Reading →

The Song Of Freedom

Hey, Lately I have  been busy with college fest practice.Today India celebrated 70th Independence Day and I celebrated my first ever since the beginning of the academic year.This was a poem I wrote in 30 minutes so try not to... Continue Reading →

Those Veiled Words

Hello! Since few days I have had this great urge to write a poem but due to various reasons was unable to bring my thoughts together.I hope to pour out my thoughts and find some solace by jotting down these... Continue Reading →

YouTube channels you should not miss out on!(#2)

Hey! I spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. Here are some of the channels I absolutely adore. Click on the headings to check out the channels! 1. Superwoman (Lilly Singh) This channel will make you laugh till your sides... Continue Reading →

MS Dhoni-The Captain Cool

Hi, If you are a big fan of cricket you would obviously know him as one of the best captains,best wicket keepers and the best finisher ever.Once Indian cricket had only one God, Sachin Tendulkar( Another big Chapter) but today this... Continue Reading →

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