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MS Dhoni-The Captain Cool

Hi, If you are a big fan of cricket you would obviously know him as one of the best captains,best wicket keepers and the best finisher ever.Once Indian cricket had only one God, Sachin Tendulkar( Another big Chapter) but today this... Continue Reading →

Doctors: The Unknown Side

Hello, I recently read about this doctor being abused for not being able to save the patient.I also heard that there were several such cases of abuses against the doctors.Firstly, to all such offenders, I would like to say they... Continue Reading →

The Ghosts Of The Past

Hello, I had a trip to Mangalore last week so I was busy enjoying the view there.My college is starting from Thursday so my holidays are coming to an end(sigh).Why must all good things end?I hope to post as often... Continue Reading →

An open letter to my best friend

Dear Best Friend, Neither have we been the best of friends from the moment we laid our eyes on each other nor did I know that we would make such a good team.We stumbled across each other when we were... Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award

Hey! I was really pleased to be nominated for this award.This is one of my first awards so it's a wonderful surprise.Thank you Shooting star for nominating me(Do check out the blog.Its amazing!) This award was created by miss Maggie over at dreaming of... Continue Reading →

All The World’s A Stage!

Hello! I have been quite busy these days.Even if I do write I don't find time to post them.This topic was given by Deeksha( Jot the thought!) and this idea popped up in my head.This is my perspective of an... Continue Reading →

The Pedagogue

Hey! I started writing this poem long time ago and finally finished it recently.I feel as student I don't comprehend the trouble teachers go to make our lessons enjoyable(not all teachers do that!).This poem is not particularly dedicated to one... Continue Reading →

Three Line Tales(#1)

Hello! I came across an interesting challenge on Only 100 Words.The challenge is to write a story on the photo provided in just 3 lines. photo by Nick de Partee via Unsplash A Flickering Light She was drawn to the green... Continue Reading →

Ambivert-A different perspective

Hello! Ever since I started the blog, I hoped to post regularly but I now I see that it can be challenging to be regular(Skipping all the usual apologies).I have been terribly busy with tuition, tests and some dance lessons.I... Continue Reading →

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