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The Ghosts Of The Past

Hello, I had a trip to Mangalore last week so I was busy enjoying the view there.My college is starting from Thursday so my holidays are coming to an end(sigh).Why must all good things end?I hope to post as often... Continue Reading →

All The World’s A Stage!

Hello! I have been quite busy these days.Even if I do write I don't find time to post them.This topic was given by Deeksha( Jot the thought!) and this idea popped up in my head.This is my perspective of an... Continue Reading →

The Pedagogue

Hey! I started writing this poem long time ago and finally finished it recently.I feel as student I don't comprehend the trouble teachers go to make our lessons enjoyable(not all teachers do that!).This poem is not particularly dedicated to one... Continue Reading →


Hello! This week I asked people on Instagram(@thelogophilescorner) what topics they wanted to hear poems or stories on. One of them suggested a brilliant topic, simple. I have attempted to write a sonnet(sadly could not do complete justice) so go... Continue Reading →


Hi! I decided to put all my favourite fandom in one single poem.Although my list is a lot bigger, I chose a selected few.These contain both tv shows and books.Can you guess all of them? The World of Words He... Continue Reading →

Education’s Deceit

Hello! I came across an interesting post on Instagram. One of my friends had posted about how marks play¬†a role in your life.Some people suggested I write a poem on this topic. I was intrigued and so took upon myself... Continue Reading →

The Bibliophile

Hello, friends! Today is the birthday of one of my childhood friends.We both are bibliophiles and are big Harry Potter fans.This poem is for him, one of the wizards who missed his letter from Hogwarts. The Bibliophile The clock sang... Continue Reading →

Poems you will absolutely love!

Hi, fellow-bloggers! Usually, people don't like reading poems. I too used to think that poetry wasn't interesting until I came across few of the best poets and their writings. I found these poems changed my opinion about poetry and actually... Continue Reading →

Now & Then

Hello! I have been busy cleaning my bookshelves and I came across one of my old poems. So I was inspired to write a poem simple and meaningful. Now and Then I looked at the twinkling stars, All I see... Continue Reading →

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