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Short Stories

An open letter to my best friend

Dear Best Friend, Neither have we been the best of friends from the moment we laid our eyes on each other nor did I know that we would make such a good team.We stumbled across each other when we were... Continue Reading →


Three Line Tales(#1)

Hello! I came across an interesting challenge on Only 100 Words.The challenge is to write a story on the photo provided in just 3 lines. photo by Nick de Partee via Unsplash A Flickering Light She was drawn to the green... Continue Reading →


Hello! I found this interesting daily prompt on The Daily Post and decided to give a go at it. Prudence The world was his to own when he sketched the busy streets with colourful pens. The classrooms, to him, were just walls... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tales(#2)

Hi! This is the second edition of Twittering Tales that I am participating in.The challenge is weekly held by Kat Myrman. Check out her blog for various interesting topics and poems. I enjoyed doing the challenge the previous time(Twittering Tales(#1)) and... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tales(#1)

Hi! I found this new challenge on Kat Myrman's  interesting blog. This is the first time I am trying this challenge. It sounds very fun and creative. The challenge is about writing a short story within 140 characters on a picture put... Continue Reading →

The Five Rings

  This is my first short story.Let me know if you liked it in the comments below. Cheers, Ramya

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